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Frequently Asked Questions

About Therapy:

I've never been in therapy before; what's it like? Therapy is a process that is guided by you and your therapist jointly. Sometimes people come in knowing what they want to talk about, other times they need more help in figuring out what's bothering them. Therapy can help you see patterns in your life and connect things from your past to what's going on in your life now, to help you better understand how you relate, interact and feel about others in your life.

How do I know if I should be in therapy? Couldn't I just talk to a friend? Only you can decide if you feel like talking to a therapist. Therapy is different than talking to a friend because it's completely confidential and your therapist doesn't have a stake in what you say, unlike how a friend does.

Does it mean there's something wrong with me, if I'm in therapy? If you're experiencing feelings or thoughts that are difficult for you to manage, or your life is taking turns that you don't understand, then therapy may be able to help. It doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with you; it only means that you are experiencing something that you don't understand and would like help clarifying.

About Consulting/Training:

I'm interested in a workshop or training, but I don't see my topic listed. Do you offer other trainings? Yes. We do many different types of trainings and can personalize one to you and your staff's needs. If you have a specific topic or topics in mind, contact us and we'd be happy to talk with you about it.

I work for a non-profit agency and we don't have a lot of money for trainings. Can you help? Yes. We offer discounts for non-profit agencies.

Do you offer CEUs? Yes, some trainings and workshops can be offered with CEUs.

What are your trainings & workshops like? All of our presentations, trainings and workshops differ in length, topic, style and format. We personalize our product based on what your needs are to provide a variety of tools and skills for you and your staff to walk away with. For example, we do not stick to just a lecture format, unless that's specifically what you're looking for.

Do I have to be a healthcare professional to attend a workshop or training? No, not necessarily. Workshops and trainings could be tailored to a specific group or can be attended by a variety of individuals with varied backgrounds and interests: students, healthcare professionals, teachers, family members, community members, etc.